My favorite drive in the world

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How do you know Sam Potter?

He’s my cousin:)

what do you do to stay in shape? your body is amazing!!

Thank you! I play tennis during the school year, and did this cross fit training every Tuesday and Thursday. But since it’s summer I just try to run every other day outside and be active! I don’t have like a work out routine though

where is your knot bracelet from?!?! its absolutely gorgeous!!

It’s Kate Spade and it was a birthday present from a few of my friends actually!

Do you have a twitter?


Stay out of dinner. You are so awful to the people who have less than you so just stay away from us. I saw you at the market this morning acting like you owned the place and it really irritated me. Just please stay with your rich friends where you belong.

I was at the farmers market today volunteering for 4 1/2 hours to raise money for kids who have cancer. Denver is a city for everyone. You are being just as rude and mean judging my life as you say I am. If you would like to take the time to actually get to know me for me, I highly request it.

Earlier today at the farmers market

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